The escorts working with us offer a wide range of sexual services, learn and take the step to realize your fantasies.


The escorts of our house are professionals with experience and training services company. This service usually requires education and knowledge to be optimal in every moment. Our lovely ladies will be your companion wherever and whenever you need it, to be arranged by each knight. In this class service company girls often accompanying events, public or private acts or just lunch or dinner, living that way a ‘girlfriend “experience where one can experience the best of a relationship.

In the call girl service you can enjoy the services usually offer escorts in our house. The hours you want to apply the service previously agreed upon with the passenger, reaching a financial settlement with her that is often subject to their standard rates that apply in our house. The customer must also bear any other costs and problems that may arise during operation, such as taxi, restaurant, etc.


The escorts of our house also offer services to women. If this is your case, let yourself go and discover as a sex can make you enjoy dramatically. If you’ve never had a lesbian with another woman now is your time. Learn new ways to enjoy and play with pleasure. An escort can give you what you want, you can try without any commitment or simply enjoy a spectacular time. Unleash your imagination, what you never dared to do, with all privacy and discretion, and above all a lot of professionalism.

In our house, part of finding the most beautiful escorts in Barcelona, you will also find all kinds of amenities, toys, music and drinks. A set of insurmountable to have a good time at home with Barcelona’s tradition of reasons.


One of the concepts of sexual world payment is booming lately is the local exchange, where married couples usually come to experience new sensations of pleasure. There are those who simply look like another person has sex with his own wife and must be encouraged to share with another couple.

Currently there are many local exchange in Barcelona, which is only possible entry of a gentleman with a woman, only women can enter without accompanied. So our escorts of our house offer the service of accompaniment to these clubs. The rates applied are the usual outlets at home or in hotels.
Do not hesitate to contact our house and resolve any doubts.


One of the most common fantasies among people with couple is having a sexual experience with a second girl, what has become a trio. It can also be a beautiful way to conduct a counseling. A beautiful sexual moment where the two can receive and give pleasure at the same time, following the advice and experience of a professional level, gettin live a unique and different times simultaneously.

A sex worker understands and knows well how to act in these cases. With tact, gently, generosity and expertise, you can give or receive oral sex when you penetrate your partner or vice versa.


Kissing is one of the most beautiful and sensitive parts of the sexual experiences. A kiss on the mouth allows us to connect quickly with time, with the situation and the person giving it or receiving it. This scientifically proven that kisses cause sensations in our body, such as increased heart rate and segregation of adrenaline.
Since we know that the young sensation that causes us a kiss is different from the others. Usually denotes affection and apprehension but there are also causing excitement, curiosity and pleasure. Some are passionate deboradores and there are no soft and cuddly. All of them have their moment and they all have their sense.

Within the kisses we can group sex or erotic kisses which are available to every fantasy that a customer, there are fetishes and imaginatively.
Not all of our escorts offer this service detail to know who are willing to offer should contact or close to our house to solve all your doubts.


The escort service or anilingus black kiss, cause pleasure dealing with her lips and tongue over the anus of the couple. It is a rather special service that not all escorts are willing to practice it. For many men it is a service which gives shame or fear request because it is a common practice for the gay community.

The black kiss is known as a very exciting and encouraging preliminary results as very satisfactory for the person receiving the service.
It usually starts with a previous stimulation of the genital area, thus providing greater excitement before starting the procedure, which is to move the tongue and lips repeatedly by the anal area. And feeling the warmth and the saliva of the person performing it. As mentioned act very standardized and practiced by the gay community, but in no case does mean that those who practice it must be, because what is expected of this erotic game is to receive pleasure, beyond the sexual condition of each person.


One of the services most traditional and best known throughout the public is the escort or escorts stag.

In the stag by the groom usual request escort services, streapers or pole dancers dance with their shows to encourage the farewell party. They ladies previously agreeing rates and services to be practicing, exercising their gifts of love in the way that has been agreed.
It is a very common practice as groups of people attending a farewell usually young men with open minds and desire to have fun and to spend a nice time to his friend about to marry.


Experience tells us that sexual fantasies are essential to the sexual encounter something wonderful and at its best element. In this case a simple costume can make to the excitement faster and more intensely. Furthermore dress can be a very interesting for couples who have reached moments of monotony in its relations game. Pleasure, laughter and thrills are the benefits of this unique service.

In this case the gentleman can fulfill fantasies and erotic dreams you had, can make real moments never imagined and feel a unique and very nice experience.
Erotic costumes make participants get carried away by the moment, offer their imagination to being different for a while and forget about everything else, living a leading role in a life they never had or just to experience that feeling of being or be with the person you have always imagined.

It is also recommended to complement the erotic play with other instruments, such as vibrators, dildos and other elements of sexual excitement.
Discover another way to enjoy sex with fantastic escorts Barcelona Roussillon 315.


Erotic shower service is another service that come always included in every relationship with the escorts of our house. More than a shower with water, is a very pleasant game, where kissing, fondling, masturbation each other and even some people just with sex in the same shower are included. Something highly recommended and pleasant, with hot water makes more vasodilate our sexual organs and thus get a more noticeable and sensory pleasure. It is said that the shower is one of the spaces to maintain sexual relations more pleasure can give to those who practice it.

If you’ve never had sex under water, we recommend one hundred percent and do you see for yourself that special and the best possible way, accompanied by one of the lovely ladies of our house in Barcelona escorts feeling.


Service with two women or also known as Doppler is to maintain relationships with two women, ie the client and two other women. Among the women it is common to give life to the game but keeping erotic lesbian relationships, not sex, including for the gentleman thus get a higher and more pleasurable excitement.
Requesting this service the customer can maintain relationships with two escorts to preselect therefore doubly reach their needs, two women double pleasure.
The customer can keep sex with two ladies of the way you prefer receiving oral sex while he practices penetrate the lady while practicing oral sex, or who practice oral sex while the other lady enters, any combination is always good as it is respectful and you can get to receive pleasure seeking.


As explained in other services, sexual fantasies are an element that can never be lacking in a good sex life. Imagination, as elsewhere, plays a very important role in the sex. It’s not something you discuss with the sole partners or family, but with friends. In our house of escorts you can talk about it and not only that, you can unleash your imagination and make real what you have always wanted to live, we will help and we will endeavor to do so.
Although the vast majority of people have many fantasies throughout their lives, few really make them real. Fear to express their thoughts when they do have sex never carried out.
In our house escorts this is over, if you have a fantasy, if you want to live with what you’ve dreamed, you have the ability to carry it out. escorts of our house will help with that.


If you like fetishism, fetish if you’re anything sexual sphere, our escorts house is your place without any hesitation. Here you can enjoy your desire to hand the lovely ladies who run Roussillon 315. The fetishistic behavior is not sexual arousal by sexual elements, such as clothing or body parts that are not sexual.

There are fetishes feet, hands, or simply a piece of clothing with which the fetish is unable or fails to excite much without it. In a fetish regarding the subject plays with that element, slashing their sexual parts, kisses, licks and treats it as divine element.
The fetish usually is with clothing items special lingerie or costumes, but there are also body parts, the best known of foot fetishes.
If this is the case do not hesitate to contact our escorts home and apply for this type of service. Realise your fantasies and your tastes hand of our flagship home.


The service of anal sex is one of the services on our home star. It is certainly the most requested oral sex by the service. Anal sex, also known as Greek is a very common and very exciting practiced by men. This makes sex feel the domination of the couple more intensely.

There are also men who engage in anal sex they receive stimulation, being imbued them with the help of sex toys like dildos. This practice is much related to homosexual behavior, but the truth is that it is not necessary that a person likes men who likes to receive anal sex. Increasingly gentlemen who decide to try a new way to practice sex and receive pleasure.
In these cases the chosen escort is responsible for carrying out the process of anal masturbation Knight by said sex toys.


Another star service our escort home is undoubtedly the oral sex or French. A very common practice in any sex is sex whatever. It is also one of the most enjoyable and exciting for those who practice sex sexual practices. Both women and men produces extreme excitement reaction in some cases being this more pleasant even penetration itself.

All escorts of our house practice this service, but not all practice it naturally. Natural refers to the practice of oral sex without condoms. Also you find escorts who practice it till the end, making the end customer at the mouth of the escort.
As usual escorts prefer that the client terminates within the same condom or any part of your body, but you can talk to the lady and reach an agreement between both parties.


This service is an extension of the service of French. We include it as a service alone why it is much sought after among the customers who visit our home. It is to maintain oral sexual relations and end in the mouth of the escort. Once the client reaches orgasm squirts into the mouth.
There is no obligation for the escort, she is free to decide if this service practice like any other. If you want to do this, please talk to the girl in question to know whether or not practice this kind of service.
It is a delicate and special service as it runs the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases from lack of protection.
This customer service hygiene is very important, and therefore if he proceeds to begin with a shower awareness in the private parts of the client.
It is emphasized to respect the decisions of the ladies who made this practice and respect the choices they make in every moment, if considered not to conduct or continue with the service, it must keep its decision.


All customers can apply in their services the erotic toys. To satisfy their desires, our house has a special assortment of toys and erotic instruments.
Sex toys allow the customer to have another range of possibilities within a sexual relationship.

There are a variety of products from this area, from vibrators simulated rubber or metal penises. Our house is always working with the best brands and products.
The main use of sex toys is to incite the pleasure of the woman in top shape, which reaches over many knights.
There are also men who request the use of toys themselves.

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