Eastern escorts in Barcelona

Eastern escorts in Barcelona, are those who come from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and areas that are within the right side of Europe. They are known for their charisma, their poise and their respect for others. With the current conflict, many people have decided to emigrate to Spain and bring their sexual services to our country.

Thanks to the laws of Spain, every woman can freely and voluntarily choose whether she wants to offer her sexual services or not. For this reason, every woman can celebrate her sexuality in the best possible way.

putas del este barcelona

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putas del este barcelona

The best eastern escorts in Barcelona

We have more than 40 years in the industry and we know what our clients like. For this reason, to Haima clubs come a lot of women with the most attractive characteristics for our clients. We do not have girls who are always in our clubs, but they, as free people, decide whether to come or not.

Haima only provides the rooms for the use and enjoyment of any person who wants to do so. A couple can also come to rent the room for a few hours, it is not exclusive for escorts.


    Barcelona, the city of sex

    Apart from our Rosellon club, we have 5 other clubs in Barcelona. You may find another of our clubs closer to you, for example: Haima Muntaner, Haima Balmes or Haima Urgell.

    Thanks to the strength of our brand, we are present in almost all Barcelona, so you can choose the one that is closer to you. We have free entrance, drinks at 10€ and you can see our rates by clicking here.

    For any questions, you can contact us through our form and we will respond as soon as possible.