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Escorts in Barcelona have become the favorite attraction for tourists. This is because Barcelona is already known worldwide as the city of sex, which implies that many people come to the city looking for just one thing.

It has always been the desired destination for foreigners due to several points. The first one is that prostitution is legal in Spain and can be done freely and voluntarily.

For this reason and more, in Club Rosellón 315 we have become the referents of the city. You only have to visit us once to make us your reference club in Barcelona.

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Of all the Haima clubs, this is the one with the longest history. With 4 rooms and a bar, the Roussillon club will make you live one of the best experiences of your life.

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We know how to decorate rooms to transmit relaxation and the desire to disconnect.

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The escorts who decide to come to haima clubs do it because they know that we are the best nightclub in Barcelona.

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Thanks to all our jacuzzis, we will make your experience unique and incomparable.


    ¿Dónde encontrar las mejores escorts (no putas) putas de Barcelona?

    There are many sex-related tourist attractions in the city. What makes us different is the way we position ourselves.

    We don’t have girls working for us because that would be illegal, and we are against everything related. In our case, the girls come to Haima on their own and voluntarily because we have a large recruitment of clients who might be interested in sexual services.

    Because of this, girls from all over the world and of many nationalities come to our clubs, to enjoy a good time and to give their services of company. These services do not have to be sexual, in most cases they only accompany the man to a dinner, a date or a walk.

    In addition, the club located at 315 Rosellón street in Barcelona, offers a proximity to the Sagrada Familia and the Eixample area so you don’t have to go far to find pleasure.